So I've been thinking... (when I say this you know I'm about to tell you about my half-baked idea or theory) xP
I have decided that it doesn't really make sense to have set guidelines of what makes a friend... it's silly really. The way people show their friendship varies from person to person, so it doesn't really make sense to have strict rules about it because obviously not everyone is going to follow those rules that you made up in your head. :p I mean I'm sure there's some basic values that should always be there, but otherwise it's open to interpretation.
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Screw 'em all. Adore me or don't.

Oh, There's torture too. Only in this manic system of selective hatred, you keep tabs and plot. Plot away. You see, they're either with or against you. It's an evolving battlefield where the only casualty is your psyche.

Of course, but usually what a person values in a friend the most varies from person to person. Hence creating a bit of a personal guideline, whether intended or not.