You know shaving your legs is to much and that is embarrassing when someone catches you do it. Make sure there is another adult when you are changing after you swim. Do not get caught in the bathroom texting at work. Be especially carefully van, so you don't hit anything. I hope you are happy. Talk to you later. God bless you. If your boyfriend time wants you to make out with girls then break up with with move on.
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I agree with the Random thoughts. I don't shave my legs, but I remember when I was a kid and was so excited that I was at that age to shave, and now I hate it with a passion, but I don't look good with out shaving.

All very interesting thoughts, sweetie! :)

Really! I am not being facetious!

Déjà vu, all over again...and yet one more sock puppet.

I Have Random Thoughts
I will tell my work experiences. I have hit a car with company van. I got caught texting in the bathroom, Do not shave one of your legs in front of children at work. You should always be careful. I had to watch boy after I changed him from swimming then I had to watch him while I changed real quick. Do not kiss two girls if you are girl to just impress your boyfriend. God bless you. Talk to you later.
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