So I was thinking about this well driving home for work.

Gaining the attention of a lovely young woman with the younger crowd of today.

I work with a lot of young gentlemen out there. Between the age of of 17 and 20.

I have notice in the past few weeks that the men I work with all think they are players, pimps whatever you want to call them.

Of course I have to ask them why they feel that way. They told me that they meet girls in the area using snapchat, Facebook to get on contact with them. It's a easy way to date woman or say whatever to them.

What got me thinking about this today. I was at the gym with some of them today. One of the guys saw a pretty girl and was talking about how hot she was and that he is going to have to look her up.

I told him why wait go talk to her now. He reply basically saying he was scared to, that she would shut him down. That he would get embarrass by it.

I know this isn't everyone now a days. And I guess I to can be guilty of it, but what happen to the older days when guys used to approach women and start a conversation with them!
Jrwill8701 Jrwill8701
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Well they do it via the internet