It sucks when you start liking someone reaaaaalllly attractive and then realize you have no chance. :|
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All the time babe, all of the damn time.

It's harder when your are a below average guy.

It can be very difficult to be with someone who is strikingly good looking. Sometimes they get too much attention. Sometimes you get into situations where you have to fend people off. Sometimes you just want to stay in instead of going out because it's easier that way. Sometimes their beauty becomes a third person in your relationship. If you're a jealous person, it will test your limits and even if you don't feel like you're holding them back from greatness, a little voice in your head will whisper seeds of doubt. To be with great beauty requires the kind of love that can share that beauty with the world, as well as a level of confidence that is comfortable with the trappings of such beauty and the forces that constantly try to take it from you.

There's always a chance

Ya that happens to me a lot.

You have no chance when you give up.

...or when you get a restraining order.

I think it sucks that when you really are a good person and love to chat but have an addiction people judge you and close minded to the idea and shut you out because there afraid to step out of there comfort zone so they ignore you

Oh my word I always like someone WAYYYY out of my league.