I'm pretty sure the only people who find me attractive live like 3,000 miles away😂
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i only live 2,999 miles away

I don't know what part of the world you live in but being pretty really is what's on the inside. I know you know guys and girls who look pretty but are ugly on the inside. If you have a good heart and soul in my eyes you're pretty. Just be yourself and let the beauty show

I was divorced two yrs ago. I loved this man and he did me but I am not a drinker and I griped about it that he wanted a divorce and that was fine with me but I wanted a happy marriage I was single for 15 yrs. I told him I did not drink and would not marry a heavy drinker well, we have a bar in the panty. I am renting a room from him until I can get a nice place but the market is horrible. I guess I was to lonely but when you are married to a drinker you are alone, for yrs he has not wanted sex. we slept in separate rooms for yrs. I get on single sites and the guys are interested in meeting me but when they find out where I live and with my x they quit writing, Like you everyone that is interested in me lives 3,000 miles away. Sometimes I think I will never find true love because I am 69 yrs old.

3000 miles is not that bad.

3000 miles seem pretty far
but they got got planes and trains and cars
he'd walk to you if he had no other way.
I'm sure a lot of guys find you attractive but they just keep it to themselves. That's what I usually do, just keep it in.

Law of Inverse Attraction. The more attractive you are found, the further away you are.

But u look pretty in ur profile pic

Yeah but i guess guys dont see me that way

Then they are stupid

Yeah I find you attractive and were probably as far as you mentioned aha XD