I just ran across the profile of a man I knew here once, years ago. At first, I couldn't believe how different everything seemed, looking at his posts because I honestly couldn't help myself, but then it started coming back to me clearer and I knew for sure, then.
I deliberately didn't go looking or him or any of my other past friends on EP from before. And then I stumble across him by wandering through the lesbian groups, and uncovering the name of a girl we both knew, who I didn't even know was gay. But things change. It was years ago, and other people don't stay the same as much as I do...but I never expected to find her when I wasn't looking for her. Ad they were always very close...it was only a few clicks from her name to his.
I shouldn't have looked.
I shouldn't have let all those memories be brought up again.
Too late.
SunnysWifeBlue SunnysWifeBlue
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Its very slim to find a past member years before, I'm sure...don't know what happened. But, maybe you were meant to find her or him or both again. There's always reasons on why the past comes back. Either way, I hope whatever happend everything is alright.

I deliberately didn't go looking for anyone...All this is, is memories I don't know how to deal with right now.
I'll be okay. Eventually. With this one thing only.

I'm not saying anything, it's just things happen, for unexplainable reasons. Sometimes its a good thing. Sometimes its a bad thing. It's just how it plays out.