I tend to wear a big, nice and comfortable dress to sleep :D
Funny thing is i never bother with wearing undies though. Only when I go out do i bother to wear it LOL
Is that weird?
VelvetLace VelvetLace
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Noo.... I'm gonna try not to be pervy here so I'll just say this instead because I'm respectful like that... anyway it isn't normal plenty of people do it so your not alone.. someone I know does it completely naked so it's completely fine with doing things like that... You don't need to worry :-)

Thank you. I appreciate your comment. It was getting kinda weird because it seems my post has attracted rather perverted attention :P

Yeah I know... even I have to watch what I say in this site so as not to attract bis or gays to my profile and they try to hit on me... gets creepy and rather annoying isn't it?

Well, thank you for your advice as well :P