It' weired , that we are living in communication century and still there are like a thousand people in here , who said ( im alone ) or ( i need somebody to talk ) . Im wonderin what would happen if we werent living in communication century ? Do u agree that how much social devices and networks are improving , we are gettin more lonely ?
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I think it would be about the same just a little more lonely. Now we have the chance to find like minded people online although there is a sea of jerks floating around the interweb. I think we are more social now than we are lonely.

Yes we are social but it wont fulfill the lonliness . U know science has proved that , while two people are talking , just 17 percent of there speaking effection is related to the words they use , 70 percent is body language and 13 percent is the way they talk . So in here while we chat , we lose almost 87 percent feeling of a general speaking . And thats why we cant feel social .

I think we are getting more lonely. We have our phones/ laptops / devices which makes communication more accessible, but in my opinion it is an easy way out in a sense, because we always have it to fall back on. When we weren't so "connected" through the screen, we had to find ways to be more connected through real life, in person. So although we are more connected, I think we are more lonely, because we aren't going out there in the "real world" as much, because we don't always need to with social media being so accessible. Those are my two cents anyway :)

This is just my thought that being with people in real life is more...fulfilling then being on your devices 24/7. In my opinion :)

You r right . I like what u said .