We have lawsuits to thank for so many things in life. How else would we know McDonald's coffee was hot if we didn't have a warning. I am sure we couldn't figure out not to open the door on an airplane during flight. If the little packs of silica gel packed in our electronics would look like candy if there wasn't a warning that says DO NOT EAT. I am surprised we have enough common sense to get up and find our way to work in the mornings. WHY on earth do we need to know that there is guardrail damage ahead.
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The USA is a Nanny Nation...more is the shame.

B-but, if the door doesn't say Push, I dunno what to do!!!1!1!! :O

Run into it till it opens

Yeah, I should try that. I could also try bringing my grenades and molotovs, to see if that works.

Of course, I don't have any, but still.

I usually use my head.

That might work too. I'll just headbutt it until it breaks.

Or what about not spraying deodorant in your eyes or something lol. Well, I do it all the time of course.

Who doesn't though?

Who knows.

I also touch acid all the time.

I eat glue intentionally

I swallow small toys.

That sounds normal if its sex toys.. :o

Haha no. Lego bricks for lunch.

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