So I just read an article about 4 teens that threw a 4 pound soccer ball size rock over an overpass and hit a car, severely injuring the woman driving. She lost her right eye, part of her brain, and will be forever scarred from this. Out driving to have her and her families lives changed all for a few teenagers who "didn't think it would hurt anyone" and who were out to have fun.

When throwing rocks over an overpass at cars becomes something to do for fun, you need to reevaluate your life. Prior to doing so, they admitted that they had driven through corn fields and stole steaks from local stores. A bunch of idiots with nothing better to do. They almost killed an innocent woman, and the worst part is that they probably won't suffer any severe consequences. Maybe a few months in jail and probation at the most. That's justice for you. This woman almost lost her life to these senseless and insensitive morons, and they probably don't care and won't have to pay.

It disgust me. Only one of them have been in custody. All 4 of them should have been arrested right away. I feel truly sorry for the woman and her family. A disgusting act of violence that will go unpunished.

You would think a bunch 18 year olds would know better, but guess that goes to show that your age doesn't determine your ability to have common sense.
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Agreed. Their left eyes should be ripped out. An eye for an eye, literally!

I couldn't agree more. When these kinds of things happens, it really angers me.

That's so tragic