What if everyone in the world (excluding children under 13) smoked weed all at once? What would happen? Peace on earth?
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Or a big line up of cars at McDonalds. :p

Worldwide shortage on Funyuns.

LOL and Oreos

I think society would break down. High people aren't exactly productive.

But no one would care.

Yeah, that makes it even worse.

Because all we do is sit and talk nonsense all day. We'd go extinct and accomplish nothing.

Pleasant ville will turn out to be a pleasant world.

There will be a crisis in world biscuit and chocolate supply within minutes of the first spliffs being finished. And then all the under 13's will take over the world cos the rest of us can't be arsed to stop them.

Paranoia!!!! Shhhhh they're listening

Shrooms would be better if everyone tried them at once more natural but then there's the close minded people that will have bad trips

I think that it would smell bad.