Christians getting targeted as much as an Atheist does. Some Atheists thinks it is funny to pick at Christians minds. Christians like picking on other Christians and Atheists too. I do not hate gays and I would never murdered anybody. When an Atheist reads the bible some of Atheists view God as a murder and other things that are wrong about God. God did destroy the city because the people were not following God. God did kill the people that refused him, so I understand why Atheist say God murders people, but they take it out of context and make lies about it. Christians call Atheist God haters and I have heard worse, so you all are in the wrong. Atheist hate God. Christians should love,read the gospel, become like Jesus, bring people to Christ, go to church. We all say things that hurt people. I am sorry if I hurt anybody in here please forgive me too.
camiemen camiemen
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You made some upsetting accusations toward me and about me in one of your other guises.
I respectfully asked you to point out where I had committed the written acts you were accusing me of. Rather than responding civilly you increased your rant and then deleted you post.
So, once again, please link to were I demeaned you, bullied you, or indicated you were a gay basher.
I believe that honest communication is possible between any two people, but I too have feelings that are injured by the unjust accusations and dishonest assertions you leveled against me.
More than one of your sock puppet accounts did just that, unjustly and dishonestly made allegations which you refuse to address.

I'm an atheist but I don't hate god. I just don't believe in him.

Can you explain what Atheist is?

An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in any god. That's what I learned from others.

Why don't you believe in God?

Because it all sounds illogical to me.

That, and I've been raised in a non-religious family and environment.

How is your family doing?

They're doing fantastic. We're a very close and happy family. Strong too. Why do you ask?

Can I care about people like Christians should do?

Ehm... Sure, no need to get snappy. Just asking, that's all.

Not every atheist has something against christians you know.

That is so true.

Exactly, so that is why you shouldn't have snapped at me like that for doing nothing.

It came across as disrespectful.

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I remember in high school, one kid out of a class of 20 students had the guts to say he believes in the evolution theory. And ever single last student including my ignorant self laughed at him. We laughed as if everybody's suppose to be religious.

Do you want to talk about it?

what sex are you?

Why do you ask lol?

Because you did not put it on your profile, hell you could be a closet Tranny,

Trannys can be Christians...

Can it be a secret?

No pm it to me

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