I wonder what life would be like if only 5% of the worlds population was male.
AdamCharleton2 AdamCharleton2
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Males would be Worshipped and Coveted Gods of Fertility

Boring as hell. Men are fun. :-)

We'd die off.

Paradise! :D

Put it this way, there would be a lot more ***** slapping going on, and that 5% would be in heaven with all them women to choose from, and get chased round every corner just so they can be used for re procreation ;0)

Sounds like hell! I think 40% may be about right. There are some places you can find with higher female populations. Western US is higher male and Eastern is higher female. (In general need to look at the more specific data)

You'd be forever trapped in a world of lesbians! *insert twilight zone theme song here*