Is 21 too young of an age to want a commited relationship??? Hmm I wonder :/
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It's funny, 21 was at one time, a perfectly good age to settle down and get married,however,times have changed. Now, people are waiting until they are older to commit to relationships and to start having families. It makes more sense to me. Wait until you're ready,and only you know when that is.

It's funny, cuz I actually think it's the other way around. Ppl commit too quick, they get kids out of wedlock, get married n everything goes to sh*t! Anyway I think you're right about waiting, it's good to feel like you're ready. Thanks!! :)

I guess it still works both ways,but I was basing my answer on my friends and people I know personally,and waiting seems to be the new trend.....for some,but obviously not all.

I see! Yea it seems like culture has to do a lot with those things too because I myself noticed a trend between my friends with different backgrounds.

interesting observation.I wasn't thinking culturally,but yeah,maybe that's a factor too.

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I was in a committed relationship at 21 seems pretty good.

Sounds good to me! Lol thanks!

Yes it is

No, I think that's fine. Better to start young, than old. And hey, sometimes it's best like that. Cause most people, when they're older, regret not committing sooner. So it just depends on how you see it. If you love the man, and the man loves you. Than, there's no harm to start early.

Yea I agree, it's good to start at a relatively young age, just so that you'll have time to make your mistakes from it and grow! And if you're ready, then why not? Thanks :)

No not at all girl

Not at all ! :) in my humble opinion :)

Thank you :)

You are very welcome any time sweetie !! :)

It varies but I think you're at a perfect age :)

Thanks! That's good to know lol