I finally found Love.

Page 346 in the dictionary.
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Page 456

What are you gona do with it?

Ok lets see.....(puts my glasses on) hmm it's the word 'sex'...Hey....well I didn't know you weren't that committed.... :-)


I must have an old dictionary...it's not on that page in mine!

Thanks for your light hearted story.

Thank you. I've been looking for love for a very long time now. *grabs dictionary and opens it up to page 345* WHAT! No page 346! *throws the dictionary across the room* Stupid book. :( Guess I gotta keep looking.

*flipping thru pages* ...ah, here it is, page 346... Mitochondria?!?... my dictionary must be broken

The dictionary knows more about love than me.

lol! Now I have to find a dictionary to check and see if you are right,or did you just make that up.lol

Good one !!!;)

Never knew the exact page... never found my love yet much less that I'm ever going to be