I've never understood why people put so much value in the things money can buy, when the free things in life are so much better. A laugh, a smile, a hug, a meaningful or even just a random conversation with someone, a kiss... To me all those mean way more than anything else you could offer.
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Ah yes, a laugh, smile, hug, kiss, conversation are wonderful. But, if you are seven years old and have not had a drink of water in three days and nothing to eat in five the value of conversation or a hug is worth very little.

I think you misunderstood the intent of what I was saying. I wasn't suggesting that a conversation or hug were worth more than the necessities needed to survive. I was talking more about those who seek out luxuries and expect them over the simple kind actions of others. I grew up poor and know the struggle of trying to put food on a table, but it's also why I value loved ones over material things.

Yes, I did "misunderstand". Perhaps your original message should have included your some of your explanation...

So that's why I feel like the richest, poor person around! I love laughing kissing and hugging! :D lol

because laughs, smiles
, and hugs are insubstantial...
they melt away like mist and leave nothing. we still need them like we need air to breathe but sometimes when they are lacking we try to cling to material objects instead.

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I don't know, I really enjoy the house over my head and the food in my tummy that money provides.

Well of course, but those are more necessities, I meant more the people who have to have the best most expensive car, ridiculously expensive shoes or purses, things like that.

Because of the media :/ but there are few of us thankfully that try not to let money rule our lives