feels like a Netflix and **** kinda day...
one of those days when ya just wanna lay around the house and relax,
Last time i did, i had unexpected guest show up while i was watching ****.
Turned into an interesting day....
Devilonyashoulda Devilonyashoulda
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

This made me laugh.

glad i could entertain you

I'm not making fun if you or anything. The end was funny. Wasn't expecting it.

i am full of surprises...

Let me hear another then. First one you can think of. Try and get me to laugh again. I dare you. It can't happen twice. Unfortunately I rarely laugh. I'd love to have you try though.

go read my story bout the elvis impersonator and the sunday school teacher. you Will laugh. the true stories are always the most funny.

Haha. Nothing. I'm not insulting you and it's not a bad story. I'm an ******* when it comes to a real laugh. It's very difficult. I will smile at stuff but to get a true laugh is just torture.

you know it was funny though!

I'm not saying it was not. Just not a laugh you can hear. Just a smirk. 😔
I'm jealous of people who can belly laugh at several things.

trust me, i was not smirking when i was writing it. more like cringing in disbelief that i did it....

Come on! That's a normal story half the people I know would love it. That happens a lot. Not the part w the money though.

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