some people are very antisocial here .
Davonnaaa Davonnaaa
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Wonder why

trying to figure it out

Yea sometimes there's no responses fells like I'm talking to myself

exactly . i just thought it was me

Yes I feel crazy

i'm pretty sure you're not

Hah I'm not all too surw

lol how come ?

Most people think I'm so crazy like if I tell them things they think it's soo insane

well idk know you yet so i guess i will find out

Haha yea then again most people say that cause they don't believe a lot of things

i guess

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Sod off!
;-) just kidding...

uhmm .. oookay

How so?

SOME not all .. very little responses

Sometimes it's just who notices a post and if their not already involved in some other conversation.

i guess that's true but it's a lot of people on here

keep joining exps and you'll hook up with more people to talk with.

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