Any comment??? I'm speechless with this pic... That's more than enough said! If you've watched the video, then you know what this is about -_-
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When you make songs and music videos like this, it isn't very difficult to lose tons of respect. Yeah, it is sexually appealing but then again, if you can arouse the **** out of people without even just being yourself! That in itself makes a pretty epic female. But I mean, this works too. She can do it however she pleases.....

21st century art? AKA "how much skin can you show"

Ain't that something! :/


Didn't see the vid. Can you point me to it?

It's called Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Damn! That got my eh... heart... pounding. An... enjoyable song.

I thought the video was ridiculous, but on second thought I can see how a guy would like it!

Sorry, but I didn't want to lie. I'm so glad flat skinny butts are going out of style! But I didn't see her punch him in the nuts during the vid...

Lol funny!

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Drake is a your man Nikki is me :p

Good for u lol