I want to love someone. I want someone to love me.
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

What makes you happy?

1. Love you first - Love that is all you with all the good and bad.
2. Build up your self love and self worth.
3. Then you won't look for love in all the wrong places.
4. You are your happy KEY in life.
5. Others can compliment us, they just can't give you all that is. Why - they have their own life issues to deal with.
Quote for you:
The whole world belongs to you:
Tao Te Ching

Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.

I understand. I do love myself but I want someone else to love me to. And in return I want to love them.

Me too