:| Shaving your legs is such a pain when you're nearsighted. I don't know why I bother. My legs are totally covered 99% of the time. ._.
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With ten-thousand apologizes, any experience re:shaving legs is going to remind me of the current sock puppet:


::quote Do not shave your legs in your public or hide it because people can humiliate you too and tell on you too.::/quote

It really is a pain when you have eye problems :( I don't bother anymore, unless I'm going to wear something short (which is rare)

Why are you talking about?

The sock puppet!

Also this post has made me come to the realization that you are female or just a guy who dislikes hair. I always thought of you as male.

The thought of you being a woman never crossed my mind lol. Sorry for the mistakenness.

I'm nearsighted too but I don't have issues. Do you wear glasses or conacts?

I wear them in the shower and bath all the time. It makes it so much easier too. I can't stand not being able to see. It's a fear of mine. And if I wear my glasses in the shower they fog up. If I wear my contacts I can see perfectly fine

I hate shaving and I don't do it often. Luckily my hair grows in slow on my legs. It's such a pain