My thoughts are rarely ever random but here goes:

Tonight I went to a get together with some friends. A guy that was there took my little sister outside to his car and had one of his friends lie to me and tell me that he was at the corner shop but little did I know that they were actually parked right outside the house.

Anyway I blew up the guy's phone looking for my sis (she's 19 btw) and the ****** ignores all my calls. When I found them I cursed them out so badly but now I feel really bad for embarrassing my sis.

It's just that she's gullible and has a bit of a self-esteem problem so I was really scared that he might have been taking advantage of her and I wouldn't doubt for a second that he probably tried to!

Smh I'm so mad idk who to be more angry at. And to make matters worse he didn't even attempt to get out the car to explain himself or to apologize. What type of person does that? Tuhhhhhh

I really disrespected the two of them but somehow I feel like it was justified. She's mad at me right now but it was for her own good. Too bad that's her business
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It depends on which culture you live in, and what is socially acceptable there. In the culture I live in (United States) 19 years old is a grown up, which means one gets to make one's own choices and make one's own mistakes.

Yes, if she is gullible, she is likely to get taken advantage of, but how will she ever learn to stand on her own two feet, if you keep holding her on a short leash?

If she has a self-esteem problem, she needs to learn some independence to hopefully gain confidence in herself with experience. I know it is scary to let go and to trust a person one is used to thinking of as a child in one's care, but once a child becomes a grown up trust is necessary. Do you really want to take care of your sister for the rest of her life, not giving her a chance to take care of herself? If not, if she is not ready yet, when will she be ready in your opinion?

Sorry to sound so critical, but I have a problem with families not letting their kids grow up. I have known several families with men who still came home to get their laundry done by their mom when they were 40. My own father did not approve of the man I wanted to marry, and thus did not attend my wedding, though years later he claimed that my husband had in the meantime improved and was now good enough. ugh!

Oh I don't think you sound critical at all. We do live in the US,unfortunately all of what you said is much more easier said than done 😔

It's not easy to outgrow caring for and babying your little sister. Somewhere along the way though, the relationship should shift. If the older sister is in the position of power when they were younger, the power over the younger sister may lessen when they grow into mature adults. The relationship should have a balance of power now. They are, after all, individuals capable of making decisions for their lives. At least, that's what I've read.

My comment regarding your experience, however, was I find it good that you're concerned with your sis. I'd do the same thing with my sister, even though I trust her and all, because the guy in the story wasn't honest enough and what are the chances that he'd do something deceitful again? Sounds fishy.

As for the embarrassment, well let's charge it all to experience and learn from it. :)