Why does it cost so much to go to college in America but not in most countries?
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I'm not sure. But perhaps other countries subsidize college. In so many parts of the world, there is a true need for a more educated populace. In the US we have so many people willing to pay the cost on their own that the government does not feel the need to step in.

Our costs are pretty high as well. The buildings, faculty, libraries, laboratories cost a lot.

Having said that, there are community colleges which are excellent bargains. And there are financial aid packages which can soften the blow.

try in canada even more, be blessed wht u pay there

Because of the low taxes, for most part, but then you can apply for various grants and scholarships... Or get your degree abroad I suppose, using someone elses tax-money :)

I like the idea of going abroad and using someone else's tax money

It's free in England...

I know!!! It's 35,000 a year for the average college in the states ! I hate it

Try get a college in England? Then again our colleges you can't live at... Only uni, but that costs.

What's UNI?


Ohhhh okay I see it's something to consider

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