I don't understand people who exclusively look for a certain gender to talk to on a open forum. Males and females are the same species, each and everyone is different and could be what you are looking for.

Now before you tell me that you talk to these people because you are attracted to them. No, that is not a valid excuse. Experience project is not a dating site, but I can't stop you from annoying people who actually use this website for what it was made for so go ahead.
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Wrong man and woman are not the same species I never seen a man have a baby

Is this serious or a joke?

I'll take it as a joke, I don't want to think anyone is that stupid.

Seratonin and testosterone levels are generally different between genders and affect interactions between individuals. Some want a feminine or masculine response and an easy way is to ask for a gender.

So your telling me there is no such thing as a feminine male or a masculine female? If you go through life judging how people react to certain things by their genitals instead of their experiences and how they are as a person than you live in a very depressing world stranger.

Actually that means their is such a thing as a feminine male. You might have male genitalia but have lower testosterone levels so be more feminine

*there sorry text to talk

Like laxprincess said. And stereotypes, while sometime misused, are helpful when determining things(marketing research and sales trends)

This is experience project, this is a place where you are supposed to be yourself. If I wanted to see a stereotype, I would go outside and find a insecure person who feels that have to play the part.

Hypothetical: You are in a situation where you NEED to have a vehicle repaired and have access to only a single male and single female. You can't communicate with either other than to ask to fix the vehicle and once you talk to one the other disappears. Do YOU choose the female because you feel she is a mechanic as you know females can be or the male because it is TYPICAL for males to have an interest in machinery? I don't require an answer, just ponder this.

I would fix it myself. But if I had to decide, I would get to know them as people because I know that thinking someone is interested in machinery just because they are male is stupid.

I stated that you can't get to know them in the second sentence. The point is to think within the bounds of the situation to truly understand yourself.

Imagine how stupid you'd look if that woman was interested in machinery and the male wasn't.

I actually don't know much about vehicles and don't have an interest in them and I am a male. What I want you to understand is that you live in a world where both genders can share eachothers skills but where generalizations are a reality. Some people are different and some like to be part of a crowd of copies.

So we have come to agreement then. People are who they are and not their genitals. Because I really doubt with how anonymous EP is someone would want to be a clone.

To a certain extent but there are those that "are their genitals" as you put it and that is okay. We choose our lives and if someone wants talk to one gender over the other then who are we to question their motives, just accept that they embrace traditional roles and leave it at that.

Well, i'll in that case i'll stay with what I said from the beginning. they live in a very depressing world where everything is black and white.

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Some issues only girls can understand. But if I want guy advice id go to a guy