I hate when someone is mean, and I get upset, and then they make me feel bad for getting upset, instead of them just feeling bad for being an *******.
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You were hurt and that caused you to be upset you shouldn't feel bad for getting upset. May I ask who was it ?

My mom.

Some times people say or do thinks with out thinking and while it is no excuse for it we are left with the choice of what to do. There is no easy answer especially when it comes to family. I ve hears people say that when your upset you hurt the people you love. I don't agree but some people may think like that.

How do you feel about the whole matter now ?

Well she's complaining that she's hurt by my being mad.
My father is on her side too.
I'm REALLY just going to have to move out, because this sucks.

Yeah living with family can be strained but it ain't easy out on your own either but you got plans on we're you could go ?

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