What's the worst thing you can think of during a zombie apocalypse?
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When you have tp save someone at the cost of someone else life

Yes!!! Oh my gosh I couldn't do it.

That would sure be a crappy day!

I read that "tp" as toilet-paper at first, so that response fits perfectly.

I was on phone c-c It looked like a "o" lol

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I'd have to say all the nuclear reactor meltdowns that would start spewing radiation into the atmosphere on a global scale would be one of the worst things. Survivors would start to wonder why their hair and teeth were falling out and would mistakenly think that they'd contracted whatever caused the outbreak instead. In addition to that, all the environmental disasters from broken dams, leaking fuel tanks underground poisoning all water sources and runaway fires that would rage for years through old growth forests and cities, covering the world in ash from sea to shining sea as hurricanes destroy off shore drilling rigs and coat the shores in billions of gallons of oil worldwide. The zombies themselves would be but a blip in the overall destruction of mankind. Truly, they would probably be the least of our worries.

Let this current relative peace be the reason to live your dreams now, while the lights are still on and the planes still flying. Once it's gone, you'll have wished you'd taken a chance and asked that person out, started that business you always dreamed of or traveled to your favourite country. Live life to the fullest now and make a plan to enjoy the good years while you're young so that you'll have sweet memories as your cities crumble around you and all your earthly belongings rot away.

I don't know, kinda agree but industrial systems in general have a lot of safeties that would shut them down relatively safely in case of anomalities, it's kinda required, absent a huge instant catastrophe - a lot would depend on the specific method of zombie apocalypse, too. Given the usually decpicted relatively slow infection, things could go little more orderly... We do have cities and areas where humans have left more or less orderly and they did not turn into huge raging nightmare infernos; the Chernobyl zone of alienation itself and any past and current battlefields spring to mind.
There are a lot of fictional looks at what would happen if all (intelligent) humans disappeared at the same time though, and a lot of berserking/mindless people at the same time could only make it many times worse. A zombie apocalypse is not on the top of real life disasters though; I'm sure someone's been trying to guess the top existential risks, but I guess electromagnetic pulses, ablation cascade and meteor collisions would figure high up there on the "instant bad day" scale. Complex systems theory and practice suggests it would likely be several of them at once, too. (Again there are books, mostly fictional, I could refer to but am too lazy to...)

Catching a cramp in your leg while running away!😁

When you run out of supplies, and you have to put your whole group on the line just to stay alive while there are hordes of zombies shambling about.

"Dang, I have to go out to cut the grass..." There are actually a few memes about that over the 'net, 'cause in the zombie apocalypse the lawns stay inexplicably mowed... (And beards trimmed etc. for that matter). On the other hand, I imagine lawnmowers would be a handy weapon against dead rising from the ground, so... yeah, it's got it's bright sides.

When it becomes a reality.

needing to take a **** really bad while trying to run away from the undead

It'd really suck for me cause I have to spend the whole time keeping the kids quite!