Today’s random thought? Well I was driving to work and the song Dark Horse was playing on the radio. I don’t really like music like that but I decided to listen to the lyrics since I found Barely Political’s parody of it entertaining. So after listening to most of the song I started thinking about how we confuse sex with worth.
How your attractiveness is used to judge how much you are worth to others and yourself. I know this is a topic that is often brought up; “media objectifies women” and that we all have unrealistic views of bodies because of what “the media puts out there” and the like.
I get it. I do and for the most part I agree. But I also recognize that we buy it- pun intended. As adults we should take some responsibility as to what children are exposed to- but more than that- shouldn't we being giving them a better message? Like how to ingest media influence. How to think critically.
Another thought that came up for me is the fact that many of us not only buy into those messages but project it ourselves. Attitudes like “If I am not sexy he won’t want to be with me” and “I need to keep up my good looks so my boyfriend won’t leave me” or “ Getting buff makes all the sexy girls want me” are what many people- adults and youth a like not only believe about themselves but expect others to believe it also.
It got me thinking further: It’s okay to want to be healthy, take care of yourself and have good hygiene. It’s great if you look pretty good. If we don’t take care of ourselves how do we expect to take care of a significant other and visa versa. So image is an important tool to finding a suitable mate but I feel like a shallower- and frankly disturbing measurement is being used to gauge what we are worth: S.e.x.
How much we put out, how s e x y we look, how many different ways we can do it. Whether or not we do it to make the other person get off or not. When the truth is that you can be the world’s greatest performer “in bed” and be worthless as dung in all other aspects of life.
So my final thoughts: Focus on developing skills and attitude that lead to a positive healthy life. Personal hygiene, financial capability, positive mental health, and definitely a good healthy attitude of self-worth.
EmilyAlter EmilyAlter
26-30, F
Aug 27, 2014