"Keep your friend close and you enemies closer"

Why would I wanna do that??
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8 Responses Aug 29, 2014

So you can keep an eye on them. It doesn't hurt to have an idea when that proverbial knife is headed towards your back. It pays to be prepared.

Friends can be your enemies in disguise.

lol x

Who has enemies in their daily life anyway lol

Same thing I was thinking

By keeping your enemies close it becomes nearly impossible for them to knife you in the back: wither literally or figuratively.

Niccolò Machiavelli knew a thing or two about this art of war.

Keeping them close can prevent an unexpected strike. :)

bcoz dost ho ya dushman ... ache sab hote hai or sabko chance dena chahiye acha bane ka :-)

we are two differnt person u wont understnd the view of other person or just enjy the words and .......chilax

we gland to see your point of view