I'm wondering about something here guys help me out!!

I recently had an abortion, I won't go into much details but one of my friends uses it as a reason why I shouldn't be with the guy that I'm with. my bf & my friend both hate each other & my friend was upset when he found out that I was pregnant ( my bf was the happiest guy on earth). Like for example if I'm really tired my friend would say something like," you not pregnant again are you?" Or now that I'll be visiting my boyfriend my friend would say something like," watch you're gna get pregnant again"

May I add that this "friend" of mine will have absolutely no problem putting his own d*** in me.
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You committed baby murder

Yes, are you against abortions? Now I am too. It seems as though you're not interested in a conversation though, you probably just felt like being a jackass.

But that's not my business 🐸☕️

No, I was just letting you know how I felt.

Lol I didn't ask!

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You kind of answered your own question, with that last statement.

I think that I should just accept it, too.

Punch him in the face, unless you want him to **** you too.

Use adequate birth control and keep your gynecological procedures private.

Birth control, yes! I don't have a problem saying that I had an abortion, that's another topic. What I don't appreciate is my friend using it as a weapon to somehow bring me down.

Exactly. And if you had exercised a bit of discretion the individual you call "my friend" would not have the weapon to wield, eh?

What people should do is respect other people. That's not an argument. I have to live with my decision but as I said, I'm not going to get into the details about it because this post isn't about MY ABORTION. My friend and I are very close, and it was he that I confided in at the time. Now he's being weird hence my need for advice.

I do not wish to be totally disagreeable, but your abortion IS the central point. He is using what you confided as a weapon.

Get as far away from him as fast as you can and learn discretion.

Ok I understand

OK, and what are you going to do about his lack of respect?

I have no idea man. I just stopped replying to him altogether. But that's just for now

Either way a friend, a TRUE friend, would not be wielding this weapon. I can understand Vous needing or wanting to confide in someone that she views as a friend, an abortion is a tough thing to go through mentally and physically.

...a TRUE friend...point and match point.

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Not sure what your question is... Sounds like your friend is jealous. I would bring it up to him and tell him to stop making the jokes because it is putting a damper on your friendship.

Yeah I noticed that I didn't really ask a question in there my bad. But you've figured it out, I would bring it up today

Good luck to you. Maybe ask why him why he dislikes him so much?


Ok with what?