Superficial question, but do you think the older you get the more "attractive" (I'm speaking physically) you get?
I'm 20 and I can say I think I've for the most part grown out of my awkward teenage years. Do you think people get more physically attractive with age past their early 20s? Will I look different when I'll be 25...30? And what year do you think people are at their peak?
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For me and most my friends- we all agree it's between 30-40. It's then you become more aware and know yourself and your needs, wants, etc fully and it shows on the outside. I've never considered myself looking "hot" or even good looking but has never had so many positive comments from men (and women) on my looks as I've had the last 5 years. It's anything from my figure to my face or skin, hair etc. I'm 38. It's not the appearance in isolation that makes you "peak". It's life experience, self awareness, knowing yourself and your inner soul, being proud of what you have accomplished, honest about your flaws and being true to yourself. That's what makes a woman attractive. At least for an intelligent and mature man :)

I agree completely. Thanks for the comment. It is at that life stage where I hope I am more sure of myself and that alone would make me feel more comfortable in my skin / my mind / my body... And therefore feel attractive :)

Not to be a downer, but for women, it goes downhill fast.

I think so. I saw this 80-year old today that was effing hot! ;)


Not in my case. I was the cutest damn kid but it just went downhill from there. I actually grew OUT of my looks. :/

Depends on your genetics. What did your mom look like at 25, 30 etc?

good point.

It doesn't matter so much on age hun. It matter's on the maturity of the individual at least for me.

And no that doesn't mean don't live it up. Everyone should.