Boy puts experience 'I'm so h@&£y' gets no likes or comments
Girl puts experience 'I'm so h@&£y' gets loads of likes and loads if comments
Haha lol
Stevetheone11 Stevetheone11
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It's more like: Guy posts something, 1 reply from a male. Girl posts something, 20 replies from males.
This is how it's always been, of course, and raises plenty of issues one could ramble about, so I don't really want to... Although this does make me want to create two fake accounts (Or more, obviously stated age is a factor too) and get some solid data rather than "opinions".
But it's already known there are differences between the genders, it'd be pretty boring if there weren't, not to mention lots of more horned toads...

What no one realizes is that it is the same person posting both experiences.