The Mondays: 10 Random Thoughts For the Week of August 24, 2009

 I spent this last weekend in Los Angeles.  My close friends were having a baby shower which suddenly got canceled as they up and had the baby.  My other friend had a birthday party happy hour thing.  It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend, but as always, my mind wandered and it got me thinking...


1. I really wish that Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" option.


2. I really don't understand the statement "I don't need to drink to have fun."  Sure, no one does but why would you start a fire with flint and some sticks when you can use a lighter?


3. You know in Los Angeles the only difference between eccentric and just straight-up crazy is one million dollars.


4. Bad decisions make for the best stories.


5. You can agree with me or you can be wrong.


6. As I get older and find myself in mixed company at a dinner party or happy hour at a bar, when someone is telling me a story al I can think about is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that is not only better, but also more directly involves me.


7. I can't remember that last time I wasn't at least a little bit tired.


8. When did Facebook become better friends with absolutely everyone I have ever met in my entire life?  I have had great friends who have gotten engaged, pregnant, had twins, bought a new house... who told me?  Facebook.  This nosy priss is really starting to get on my nerves.


9. Was learning cursive really necessary?


10. I used to think that "anal leakage" was the worst possible side effect I had heard thrown into the mix of those super cheesy drug commercials we see on TV... but then recently there was a new one that took the cake:  "May cause thoughts of suicide and / or suicide." Um, that doesn't seem like a side effect... that seems like a pretty serious EFFECT!


Well, now it's back to the daily grind.  I have a Monday to make it through and four other lovely little days that follow in rank and file.  I will check back next week with more random thoughts.  I never know what the week will bring me and, frankly, neither do you.


And remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.  Then it's just a game -- Find the Eye!

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I see we are friends now! and I love your random thoughts, enjoyed a good read and laugh, however it shows how all alike we are, I too seriously love talking about me, and can't wait for some person talking to finish their story so i can talk about my story, which of course is directly about me. lol

Thanks for the smile I'm wearing now!


lol<br />
i agree

Ah hahaha Thanks for the laughs. I needed that with my week last week. Oh well so much for the Wednesday "Mondays" LOL

Learning cursive is so when you sign that amazing contract in print, they don't look at you funny and decide not to counter sign it.

thankyou for that.... :P

old ladies write the most beautiful cursive. when i do it, it still looks like it did in 4th grade... only with less innocence. now... just clumsy and loopy and ugly. *sob*<br />
<br />
happy unbirthday

Jake, did you ever know that you're my hero? lol there are some of these that I've already thought of. Although number 2, I have to say I don't need alcohol to have fun, my fun is watching those who HAVE had alcohol and reminding them of the stupid things they did when drunk.. the fun lasts longer that way :)

love your list .<br />
gona do more lost? love to read them

Good joke!!!!!!!! About medicationd: Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. ;-)

You're out of your mind and couldn't be more hilarious. This one is great! I agree *especially* about the "Avoid Ghetto" option- CLASSIC! <br />
I am now inspired to create my own list of random things; thanks for the inadvertent challenge, and have a blissful Tuesday. <br />
Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease.

Another brillant feed by Jake..... and of course I 100% agree with everything you said.... #5... Cause I am never wrong..................... smiles<br />
<br />
I prefer the drug that says may cause sudden death.

Another brillant feed by Jake..... and of course I 100% agree with everything you said.... #5... Cause I am never wrong..................... smiles<br />
<br />
I prefer the drug that says may cause sudden death.

Haha! Nice..

These were great! I even read them aloud to my dad!

Thanks, Jake! :))

I'd like a "Locate Kinky" option for Google Search! ;)<br />
<br />
Still waiting on those "better" items there, KF...LOL<br />
<br />

I'd like a "Find Ghetto" option! :)<br />
<br />
Nice stuff, sir, nice stuff indeed!

Great, Jake like it.

I know, but I'm just really tender with the whole "suicide" thing... I'm sorry if I upset you in any way or made this a bigger deal than it needs to be...

LOL to #1!

XX, I think you may be misreading what I am saying. I am saying that I don't think that "suicidal tendencies" are an acceptable "side effect" of a drug. I think that is an effect... one that means it probably shouldn't be something people should be taking period.

Well, that was pretty humorous... except for the part where it almost sounded like you were poking fun at suicidal tendencies... that's not exactly something you should joke about! That said, nicely written. ;)

I like #4 the best.<br />
"We shared a lovely bottle of wine, said our 'good nights,' and made it home in time to watch the news."<br />
<br />
How many times will someone want to here THAT story???

i have to agree with most of those! random thoughts evoke the biggest laughs from me:) thanks for sharing, and for being so random!

These are great! Thanks for the laugh!

Thanks for sharing Jake....

Awesome thoughts! And that last sentence reminds me of a funny YouTube video that I bet you would enjoy...

You crack me up. Thanks for starting my week out with a smile.

hahah nice list! =) except for number 2. I've never had a sip of alcohol in my life, and intoxicated ppl & I get along very well!!....bc they reached my level of happiness :-) thanks for sharing Jake

great thoughts Jake! As i was reading your story i was thinking of how my 10 random thoughts would be way better...and it would involve me more directly too! :P j/k lol but i do have some serious random thoughts at may have inspired me to write them down next time lol

OMG! Was learning cursive really necessary? I was thinking about that the other day when I asked my niece what she was doing in school. She told me they had been practicing their cursive. I immediately found myself thinking... really, isn't there more important stuff kids these days should be learning.<br />
<br />
Thanks for a laugh and happy Monday to you!