The Mondays: 10 Random Thoughts For the Week of August 31, 2009

This weekend I decided to stay close to home.  It was a rare hot weekend in San Francisco... unbearably warm on Friday and Saturday.  Honestly, I am not a fan of sweating just because I am living.  Sweating is something that should be reserved for intense physical excursion like the gym or, well, other things.  Not just because I need to walk my dog around the block.

Saturday morning I got up early, caught a flick "500 Days of Summer" which I highly recommend, and pretty much went about my life.  It was a weekend of errands and a few meet-ups with friends and yet I would say it provided a nice mix of interesting experiences and thoughts... here are my favorites to start of your week:

1. I am really starting to feel that Starbuck's has started to use the term "barista" rather loosely.

2. It's a recession, people are being laid off right and left.  The other day my niece asked me the following question: "What do out-of-work ninjas do?" How do you respond to that one?  I mean really, how?

3. Who would have thought that out of all of 'em, Christina Aguilera would come out looking like the sane, well adjusted one that you would actually want to have kids with?

4. I really think that Google Maps and Mapquest can both really just start directions at #5.  I am pretty sure that I have mastered getting out of my neighborhood.

5. MySpace is the the Swap Meet of the Internet.

6. I liked all the 300 cable channels in my package when they up-sold me on the deal.  But now that I have them, I can't find a single thing to watch on ANY OF THEM.

7. How much longer is the death of Michael Jackson going to be breaking news?

8. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars teams up to prevent a [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE CENSORED WORD HERE] from cutting in at the front.  STAY STRONG, BROTHERS! STAY STRONG.

9. The words "inconvenience" and "incontinence" are dangerously close in the world of MS Word.  This recently became all too apparent to me and consequently I will never be using the phrase "I am sorry your inconvenience" again in any work or customer service emails again.

10. There is nothing worse in life than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

OK.  A little bit of a late start for me this week, but I really do need to get back to doing some real work.  Step 1, make it through Monday.  Step 2, repeat daily.  Step 3, take to celebrating on Friday.

See ya next week.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.

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27 Responses Aug 31, 2009

#9 takes the cake, sug. Lovin' it!

2. "apply for unemployment benefits"

I agree on the myspace or in my case a tramps dating site. AS brought on by the one that came and swept my happy boyfriend off his feet with a few sluty pictures. Blah!! Thanks again for some laughs on the Wednesday Mondays. LOL I never seem to get on EP on Mondays. Back in the day it was a daily thing but not lately.

Thanks for another engaging list of random thoughts. I, too have also wondered why mapquest assumes you need help getting out of the neigborhood. Recently, I borrowed someone's GPS to go somewhere out of town and it's the same way. It wants to take me the long way around town just because they are main routes. Hell, I know how to find the freeway! Recalculate all you want!

Answer to #2: Umm, become an out-of-work barista?<br />
<br />
OOooooo! So mean! So nasty!<br />
<br />
Great list, Jake. :P

Love the things you come up with to think about!! #6. Your cable network must be the same as mine. It is remarkable how often that happens! Have a great week!

lol. this was great hun. and i totally agree with the christina thing. no diss on her but seeing the "dirty girl" become this mom of the decade was definitley a shocker compared to her other mickymouse counterparts!

Number 7. I'm tired of hearing about M. J.

Out of work ninjas, huh? Thanks for the laugh!

Haha, Jake you kill me!!! This post is hilarious! Thanks for the lift! Made my day!

Hey Jake, wow...story of my life: I haven't been to Starbucks in a little over 2 years, because I'm a recession statistic, google maps is meaningless with dial up, myspace sucks, period., I have no cable.. never did, the news of Michael Jackson makes me want to get regressive hypnosis done, for reasons that have very little to do with his death, may he be in a better place. And last but not least, how can a humbling experience be the worst in life, just earlier I got made fun of by someone I love, and it hurt, only to be told,"don't take me seriously." I'm so broke I can't even celebrate friday..bah humbug. Hey, who says I have to pretend everythings alright? So it's a good thing I have you and others like Dudedrama to shed some light on the situation. Thanks!

OK; I have an idea. Lets welcome all the aliens in the Milky Way to buy planet Earth. That could solve ALL of OUR Financial problems. Finding another planet to live on is a small problem.

Number 9 damn near caused me to hose down my computer with coffee I was attempting to ingest lol luckily I managed to get it down before exploding with laughter. This made my day once again. <br />
<br />
Dorobo, LOL re: sucking noise EWWWW

That was awesome, and soooo needed-thanks =)

LOL!!!!! Great post Jake! I needed a chuckle :-)

Number 6, the television channels: less is more (as the great architect, le Corbusier, said). Embrace the book! Maybe not literally...<br />
Number 10, when you know you are wrong in an argument, when you are well into it, is excrutiating. Its by then too late to back down and you have to carry on to the grim and gruesome end. Or circumnavigate that by laughing and saying 'OK, you are right!' And then its time for a hug.

Heh, not for me. I have to work Fridays. ;)

Looking forward to 500 days of summer, Zoe is almost always a treat to watch but will have to wait for the DVD unfortunately. Glad to hear it is worth watching.

Bass...<br />
<br />
I have no beef with Christina. But you must remember, as I do since I grew up with her music of sorts, that there was a time that she and Britney and Jessica Siimpson and even Pink for that matter were all in a race for queen of the pop princesses. This was back when N*Sync was not just a memory, but what was making Justin Timberlake money.<br />
<br />
As they grew up... Christina went from Jeanie in a Bottle to pierced and tatooed and X-tina and "********" and "drrty" (remember no "i" and with double "rr" to make a grrr noise) and everyone was up in arms and suddenly it made the fact that Britney was always showing of her abs in videos seem A-OK.<br />
<br />
I have always been a Christina fan. I have always thought she had the most raw talent and could be the one built to last... but looking back at things, even I can say, who would have thought that she would turn out to be the one that is the most well adjusted. ;)<br />
<br />
No beef, just a comment.

"Is there really such thing as an out of Work Ninja?" That's how I would of responded...LOL Ninja-ism, yes I made that word up, is a skill not a job. <br />
<br />
I love watching the ex<x>pression on people's face when #10 happens. I'm sure my face looks just as interesting when it happens to me! <br />
<br />
I've stopped watching TV for the very same reason, yet this weekend my son was watching Television. I'm doing laundry and out of no where I hear this cheesy lil jingle that made me laugh so hard I got was just off the wall. <br />
<br />
Hope your week starts better then mine...buried over my head in Month end Paperwork and tasks YAY! I'm personally praying for Friday to get here already!

XD 2, Freelance. 4, agree with you there. 5, I don't use MySpace as MySpace is EP. 6, LOL :-) . 9, Ha ha! & 10 yep been there done that.<br />
<br />
Great Jake XD

#10 definitely LOL!

"What do out-of-work ninjas do?" BWA HA HA

Number 10 is a very important point and it is funny that you should include that one as I am working on a piece about just that. <br />
<br />
Great post as usual. ((hugs))

I think the MJ news died down much faster than the stupid Anna Nichole.<br />
What is your beef with Christina? I don't see any comparison between her and the other vacuum headed pop stars. She writes her own material for starters....I find her refreshingly intelligent and surprise surprise, she actually sings when she performs live.

<br />
Awesome! That one made me chuckle out loud and I am on the train into work... which means that I look like the crazy possibly homeless person.

No. 10 speaks to me. Not that I am ever wrong. :) But I totally think it has got to suck for the other person. But really, No. 10... funny because its true!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the laugh to start the week. I hope you have a good one and make it to Friday. ;)