The Mondays: 10 Random Thoughts For the Week of September 28, 2009

As get our start out of the gates racing towards another Friday... yes, that's right, it is Monday again... I have to say this weekend was much less eventful.

It started off with a rather fantastic EP Meetup that EPArsineh planned at a local San Francisco institution.  I had to exit - stage left a little early in due to a family semi-emergency.  Although things were a bit critical, I think we all have that member in our family that over-reacts to situations.  Yeah, well that is a bit of what my sister is like.  As I had been drinking on Friday, I didn't have the good sense to put her concerns in context, but it was still good that I made my way down to San Diego to, well, just be there with the family.

Quick note... a happy person in a hospital for the most part just looks crazy.  It is a weird thing... but if you see someone walking down the hall smiling ear to ear, your immediate thought is... whackadoo!

The highlight of the evening came Sunday night and was rather unexpected when I met some friends for one of their birthday's at San Francisco's Tonga Room -- a tiki bar with a lake inside, hourly rainstorms and a live band.  It was seniors night so I spent the evening playing Steve Guttenburg to the cast of Cocoon and you know what?  IT WAS AWESOME!  A truly great way to end the weekend.

OK... time to get to this week's set of random thoughts:

1. I take back all those times when I was younger and I didn't want to take a nap.

2. Every time I have to spell out a word over the phone using "as in" examples, I totally draw a blank and sound like a complete moron.  Last week I had to spell my boss's last name to a contact over the phone and said "Yes that's B as in --- [insert very pregnant pause] -- ummm... as in Breakfast Club."  Let's just say you don't want to know what I came up for "J" and "Y."

3. I don't like dating because I absolutely hate small talk.  What a waste of time.

4. I always seem to have a slight panic attack when I go to exit out of MS Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my rather important document that I swear I did not make any changes to at all.

5. When I was a kid I drank out of the hose, road in the back of a pickup truck and ate unrefined white sugar.  I turned out fine.  What happened?

6. One of the worst things at work is when you have totally zoned out in a meeting because you are completely uninterested in what is being discussed and prefer to make your grocery list in your head or think about your fantasy football picks and you just wrapping up your thought when your look across the conference table and you see the others staring back at you and someone says -- directly at you -- "What are your thoughts on that?"

7. Sometimes I will look down at my watch three times in a row and still not know what time it is.

8. I have always thought that it should probably be called "Unplanned" Parenthood.

9. The other day I was driving and I saw a banana peel sitting in the middle of the road -- instinct kicked in -- and I swerved.  Thank you Mario Kart!

10. The other day my friend made me hold their baby.  They were really excited by the prospect of allowing me to hold their little bundle of joy.... and all I could think was "How long do I have to hold this baby and pretend that I like babies?"

Alright... with that, we're off to the races.

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I totally relate to those things. I was thinking up some of my own but they end up sounding like early Alzheimer's a else a truly boring life. Like going into a room for a specific reason but forgetting what thar reason was. Getting people to look up at nothing just because I am looking up at nothing. Getting people in a meeting or a library to yawn (it is contagious). See what I mean? <br />
I'd like to hear more!!! Guess I do lead a boring lufe LOL

1-6, you read my thoughts completely.


Lmao, they were so very funny lol,. :-) brightened up my day, 6 and 7 lol yep that's me, i can relate to them :-)

:) Nice jokes, you're awesome. LOL

rofl #10 is totally me too xD

LOL....That was funny and I really liked #7 bc I catch myself doin that sometimes....It was funny and it put a smile on my face....Thanks

I really like no.#8 and no.#9 way to go Jake!

oh so funny and very true

LOL, best friend! :D

I can totally relate to #6 and #7, and #9 makes me giggle. Heehee

LMAO! #8 is right on!<br />
thanks for the laughs love!

Thanks for post, It was an very enjoyable read reguarding your flections...LOL<br />
As for most of which I've had the pleasure to experenced..:)<br />
Thanks again<br />

lol<br />
yup, I so agree!

The "baby holding" thing... must be something new. I didn't want anyone holding my babies---germs! doncha know? Anyways---no one was worthy to hold my precious darlings---not worthy!! Only close family members were even allowed to look at those wonders.....and some of them were not encouraged to get too close.

lmao. That was great. Here's another one for you... #11 Just when you thought drivers on the phone were annoying, you get behind someone that uses hand jesters while driving and talking on the phone.

#10 people always think all their babies are cute but for some reason all I see is that the baby looks like some spiecies from Star Trek. When asked what I think of their bundle of joy I do tell them and which speices it is. Sometimes laughter.

How is it that someone can sleep for ten hours, get up for a few hours, and then fall back asleep for another 7 hours..I just did that last night. <br />
Selective hearing sucks. :-) ......#4 is so true.

Here's the D-head comment of the day......<br />
<br />
I thought these were funny........when I saw them in a Myspace blog 3 weeks ago.........<br />
<br />
But most of them are still funny, and I pasted a couple of them onto my F-book, so I don't blame ya for passing along a little bit of humor, we do all need a bit of a laugh in these times.....<br />
<br />
Peace, DRS

#1...naps are awesome :D<br />
#3 is completely doing the online dating thing, so at least when/if we meet in person we already have some things to talk about lol<br />
#5 & #7...oh so true!<br />
#9...i would SO do the same thing! love Mario Kart!!

#10 is totally me! lol

Haha! I've played MarioCart. I loved it but could only play a few minutes at a time. Motion sickness.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the giggles. They were timely...

thanks Jake LOL 2,3 & 4 plus 6-7 lmao. :-)

I am with you on #10. With out a doubt. ;)<br />
Thanks for the Monday laugh!!!

Too hilarious!! That was awesome. Totally dig #4, #6, and #7 LOL