Umm Yes

Sometimes right after i have sex im not thinking about what the girl wants me to. I would be asked, " what are you thinking about"? And i would say somthing like."lamps.' or . Van Morrison" Or Micky mouse stabbing Gimmy Hoffa in the doo doo hole with a laun dart." I gotta tell you it doesnt always go over well.

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7 Responses Feb 8, 2010

SHE ASKED XD YOU ANSWERED!!! Seems fair enough..

Haha....well she should stop asking you what you're thinking!

omg tommy * blush *

I knew it - you even giggle with your fingers.

at least you had the decency to wait... i would say it during. the laughter would sometimes cause... well... convulsive decompression? * giggle *

I've had this same experience. haha I like to, if with the right person, just express those random thoughts to the person i'm with - regardless of if we've just finished or not.

loool. so funny, i think i;d giggle if u said that to me and i'd just find you even attractive. lol