Think Just A Little Bit...

Here a few I wish to share.


The best invention for any garden, easy to spread a splash of colour and manage garden pots.  There are countless designs, sizes, and shapes,

why not pop down to the garden centre this week.


My ideal kitchen small, warm, black mod cons & durable granite surfaces.  I never dine in a kitchen  (A kitchen story may be shared later).

Multitasking another word for been overworked disregard the neat defintion.

Epiphanies, moments of illumination occur during the twilight hours.Or the least expected moments, taking a bath & relaxing remember pad an pen as well.

Charisma can increase ur popularity at polling times.







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Even though it’s long been out of print, take a peek at “The Kitchen Book” by Terence Conran if you find it. It may influence your ideas about kitchens.<br />
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Why do you think Rod Serling called it the “Twilight Zone?” (Did that show in GB?)

Those thoughts could only ever be grouped under 'random'! Be funny if you thought of them all at the same time...