Rats Are Ungrateful Little.................rats

Who knew? 

I thought they would be so happy that I went to the trouble of clearing a room and *rat proofing* it for them. I even put two cages in the room with their food and a hammock in one and toys and tunnels in the other. The doors were left open so they could come and go as they pleased. I placed a see through gate at the door way, so they could look out and not feel confined.

I did everything right, except remember that they are rats; and rats will be rats..................I suppose.

The first few days were great. They seemed to be happy to have such a large place to play in.  I put boxes and coffee cans with food hidden in them, so they had to topple the cans and chew through the boxes. I put things in there to climb on and play around. They really seemed to be loving it. 

Then, on Saturday, I woke up and went to visit them and I saw this MESS on the floor.

I looked up, thinking that the ceiling had broken and fallen. There was plaster and dust and concrete and broken bits of brick. So, I looked at the ceiling. Nothing to see up there. So, I began to investigate further, to discover where all this stuff was coming from. I looked down by the heating rads, and there it was.  They had begun to tunnel out of their *rat proof room* Yes. Tunnel. They were digging a tunnel through the wall. So, now, there they are;  back in their cages.  I have to go and buy a bunch more cages, and build tunnels from one to the other, so they can have a real play room and not be stuck in a small area.

Me? Build tunnels? Hah!! I should let them build their own damn tunnels; they are the experts, after all.

Oh, well, I am leaving now, to go to the store and buy three more cages and a bunch of tunnel building supplies,  so I can try and make them happy.

Note to self.....do not build tunnels out of concrete; rats can chew through concrete.

Ungrateful beasts.

See you all later.
Serenitree Serenitree
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Bahahahahah you have more patience and funds than i did, i adopted two large pet rats from my fiances uncle who come to find out had fed them chicken bones and other meat products. I housed the rats in a large bird cage and let them run free throughout the house when i was home. I didnt handle them much because their size intimidated me, i knew the larger one was more docile than the other smaller one and that they were both females. I never gave them the oppurtuntity but my fiance tried handling them several times and after the third time being bitten we decided to put the cage outside and open the door. Your right rats will be rats, especially viscious rats @__@

Mine aren't vicious. They aren't large either. Just about 7 inches. They are docile, and like being handled. The bigger of the two doesn't mind being put back in his cage, but the smaller of them doen't like bein put back. he will go back, but on his own terms, not mine. I have never been bitten by either of them. I give them carrots or celery or crackers with peanut butter, to go along with their balanced diet food. I love them. I jsut don't want them tunneling into someone else's apartment. The neighbours might not be too understanding.