Eating Triggers It

My doctor when I was 35 said I was crazy when I told him eating a cheeze-it made my fingers turn white.
He said that's not logical and I told him I was diagnoised at 19 and I live with it every day.
It's not crazy to think my body would take care of digestive activities over having my fingers work.
Other stupid stuff is strangers telling me to drink water with cayenne.
Dear people, the only thing that works is procardia time released.
It changed my life. No taking a bath 5x a day or under the blanket with a hair dryer.
Ask you doctor. I can now carry a gallon of milk to the checkout. And why does every host want to put I've
In your drink? And why ate 99% of alcoholic beverages served with ice?
I wonder if we're running a pint of blood low and just need a little bit more.
Kshumsky Kshumsky
May 20, 2012