I Just Had A Brilliant Idea, Maybe A Few Minutes Ago......

I drew how it would work as well can't post it yet though but I will explain.......

1 Get two plastic hospital gloves or whatever, and a normal glove.
2 put on one of the plastic gloves on the preffered hand.
3 fill the other with enough water so you can still move your fingers
4 put that one over the other glove.
5 secure it with masking tape or something strong like it.
6 cover with a normal wool glove or whatever.

Like a hot water bottle for your hand:D

You will need to do it twice though.
It might be hard to re use them..
You will need to find a way to refill them as well.

But still......... this is a great way to keep hands warm and you can do the same for your feet if you have a plastic bags and socks. Oh and masking tape/glue.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Don't handle anything electric. You could leak. I just invested $30 in battery-heated gloves. If they help I'll post about it. If they don't, I'll post that too.