It Hurts

This stupid Raynauds acts up in the cold weather making the blood vessels constrict stopping blood flow,The colors don't really hurt what hurts is when the feeling is coming back and the circulation starts again.  That's  when the pain comes .People say Oh well move away from the cold and wear gloves out.

I wish! People who live where it's warm have the air conditioning on which causes the pain ; it's in the houses,at work,at the store,everywhere. Ever try to get something out of the freezer and it hurts so badly you drop it? Or carrying the gallon of milk into the house the cold makes the pain shoot right into your palm and cramps causing you to spill it all over. No picnic. My sister lost 3 fingers to it already. I'll be damned if I lose any of mine.

34Einnor 34Einnor
Feb 7, 2010