Bump In The Road!

I found out that I had raynauds in my hands and feet in November of 09. I have only had it for 4 months and havent really got any answers from my doctors on medication. I have had tons of tests done and thankfully I dont have anything bad but I do have very high inflammation  which is what im having a hard time controlling.  I had to leave my seasonal job because I was scared of what I didnt know. I thought I had everything figured out and my life was finally coming together, I finished my heavy equipment course and my AZ so that I could work for a construction company. I was a very determined girl and I wanted to prove a thing of too being a girl , but when I found this out it completely crushed me. Working seasonal means cold weather in the spring and fall as we all know and that is what im scared of. I refuse to let this bump in the road keep me from what I love an enjoy, so if anyone has any suggestions of how I can keep warm at work or similar experiences it would help a great deal!

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Yea New York is pretty cold in the winters i've been there so you know the winters are cold and bitter. I was diagnosed right away at a walk in clinic because I had hemeraging under my finger nails, and I didnt know what it was I was working at an irrigation job where my hands were always in freezing cold water in the fall. I didnt think anything of it but apparently when I went to see why I was sick which I know now is inflammation they sent me to the hospital to get blood tests. That day I had to quit smoking and my job until I figured out what I was up against. Its nice to hear that you still brave the cold to do your job because thats the next thing im up against. Im surprised that you dont talk to more people about this, where I live Ive found out that there are tons of women living with this disease and worse. I know someone who has rheumatoid and jorgens aswell as raynauds. My doctor is leaning more towards rheumatoid for me in the future. Im not too sure how bad my case is yet because im going to a well known hospital with a great raynauds doctor in March. They will rate my condition and hopefully give me some medication to regulate my body temperature. lol Im 22 and I have hot flashes.......Its weird.....thanks for answering back!!

Yea Im new at all of this. Do you have inflammation too?? I will take those baby asprin for sure. Do your fingers go tingly oftenly cause mine do?? Thanks so much for your advice it really means alot right now because im not sure where you live but living in canada sucks in the winter !!! lol