Thanks Honey!

Around Christmas time, we discoverd my 2 year old is into Thomas the train. Seems simple right? Hehe, I have an Uncle who used to have a layout in his basement, and always lived near trains myself, so I developed an interest early on. I even had a few HO trains myself, so it was only right I went to a train shop and poke around. We already had the wooden railway stuff for her, but it gets a bit boring for what it costs. I discovered they had a Thomas Lionel kit and bought it without thinking. I also came home with an engine for daddy. A month later, I am driving around with a list of Lionel dealers and hitting them up looking for bits and pieces to build our own layout. Its amazing the detail these things are created with. So, like a bullet in the head, I took on another hobby that I really needed... Hope work picks up soon!

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Yes you'd be surprised how there hobbies can mushroom on you. I started with a Manatu train set when I was in sixth grade -- Now look at it! Three hundred engines later and -- I forgot how many freight cars, mainly 100 ton capy coal hopper cars later. On yeah, let's not over look the layout fills the basement and one part even goes over the top of the wife's washer and dryer! (I call it right-of-way, she calls it invading her space. LOL) However, I took a hiatus from trains when I went in the Army in `67. I didn't start building in earnest until just before retiring out of Fort Carson in `87. The layout is 26 years in the making -- and no, a layout is never finished. # # #