These books were sort of an escape for me. They brought a sense of comfort and were entirely too easy to just get lost in. I read most of them several times. I really almost cried when dumbledore died. I was staying in atlanta for a week hanging out with my brother and it ruined my entire day. Yet i loved the fact that a book could do that. I don't like HP in the same way i like most books. I like most books as if they're food. Something to chew on. But HP is more like a really good vacation. You just don't want to leave. 
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You're right about them being a vacation.. I used to be addicted to them and even finish my homeworks in time just to be able to read them.

i omsos t cried with dumbledore and dobby and fred but i cried when sirus died but i think harry shold have killed blletrix

I didn't cry when Dumbledore died,but I cried when I read that scene of James and Lilly's murder and when Harry talked to them and Sirius and Remus with the stone.It took me a lot of time to calm down enough to continue reading.I absolutely Love these books,they're not like other books.Just like You said.They helped me escape reality and live in its world.and also sometimes I'd get so angry when reading them that I'd actually start shaking with anger.I really hate Voldemort

yeah i re read it once i think. most books don't get a second read from me. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Harry Potter being the exceptions.