A friend sent me copy of the first one waaaaaaaaay back when only the first three were out.  I was an addict from page 1. 

A friend of mine said she quit reading after the fourth, because "It's getting too dark, too heavy."  I looked at her as if she was nuts.  HP is at its core a classic Good vs. Evil story and those by definition get steadily darker as they go.  I knew from the beginning that each successive book would be darker and heavier; as Harry learned about both himself and his adversary.

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Well, it does get darker as it goes...but so does the Wizarding world. It wouldn't make any sense for the last book to have the same light innocence that the first does.

Yeah, I read how some people found the series to grow darker and I couldn't understand them. It is one of the steadiest and most consistent series I've read (and I've read quite a number of books).