Not Just Once. Or Twice. Several Times.

Step back in time a few years with me.  I read the first three books.  Then I found out they were actually popular.  I just loved the stories, the characters, the depth of the world of Hogwarts and Magic.  I have been a huge fan of the midieval and Dungeons and Dragons, and anything mystical so I was drawn straight into the story.  I'm also a bit too intelligent for my own good so I really clicked with Hermione.  Then I read where the books were supposed to be children's books.  I was insulted?  These books were written  on an adult level.  :p

So, The movies started coming out, Went to each one in the theater, bought the DVD's as they came out, bought the rest of the books as they were published, read every book and went back and read them again.

Now, the previews are out for the November showing of the first half of the last book.  I took about four days last week, and read the Deathly Hallows again.  Yeah, I'm a fast reader.  

Does reading the book, spoil the movie for me?  No, knowing what happens, seeing how they put it up on the screen, makes it so much easier for me to be drawn deeply into the movie.  I can't read the last book without crying.  Actually there are many things, in the books that get me going.  I love them anyhow.

We've watched the first movies many times.  Can't afford the theater prices, and popcorn and drinks.  At home on DVD where popcorn is relatively free, and we can drink whatever we want.

I can't wait to see the last two movies and add them to our collection.  But it means the end of Hogwarts, the school, the magic, quiditch, or does it?
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Yes, Hermione because she was Muggle born, and she studied so hard and is so proud to be a witch. Luna because her nature is just so mystical and I'd love to have friend like her.

I agree it is a good series.I've read them all several times over too. I'm also drawn to that dungeons and dragons and the magic. I was drawn to the Hermione character too.

Ooops! You are right, Rachael, it is Luna Lovegood. I also read Linda Lovegood's autobiography, it is sad, if it is true.

Maybe you are thinking about Linda Lovelace. <br />
<br />
Luna, as in the moon, Lovegood is really a cute character. I like her a lot.

I loved the series too and I'm really old. As for the last book I'm really glad that the character Linda Lovegood was still alive. She's a sub-character that I've really liked. There was another, Tinks (??) that I wish we had read more about, she's the one who comes in early in the third or fourth novel, I think. She has the hair that changes color a lot. Glad you wrote about this.