What?  I can't believe it.  Only five of us have said we've "Read All 7 Harry Potter Books".  Also, as a grammar freak, you're supposed to spell out all words under 10.  So it should read, "I Have Read All Seven Harry Potter Books".  Anyway...

I got the book Saturday and finished it this afternoon.  I shut the door to my room because my family was chit-chatting and I devoured the entire book.  I'm going to have to reread some chapters because my cousin and I are conferring and discussing the book by e-mail and he's still on Chapter Twelve.  He really lets the words sink in.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the book as much as I did.  What did you make of the Epilogue?  I was more interested in the name choices of the children than I was in the actual story of the lot of the trio growing up.  I didn't really care for the epilogue actually.  Anyone disagree?

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I thought numbers were supposed to be spelled ten and under. I thought ten is spelled out, and then 11 starts using numerals. Haha, I'm a grammar nerd too.<br />
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I thought the name choices were interesting too. Especially that Albus' middle name was Severus. I don't think the end was predictable at all. I was actually thinking Harry was going to die, so it was a pleasant surprise to me!<br />
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The Deathly Hallows is definitely the best book in the series.

I hated the end... It was so predictable... Evil should rule the world!!!! Mua-ha-ha-ha!! Tee-hee-hee ^_^<br />
But seriously... Hermione and Ron? Come on! I'd much rather they all stayed friends, the eternal trio. But, oh, well. The book is written, read, and reread. There's nothing I can do about it now...

I've read everything except Goblet of Fire.<br />
I'm reading that now.

Yeah the book was good but i felt so sure that there would have been more deaths and that the victims would have been more central caracters than just Fred and Lupin/Tonks and Dobby and whatnot. I had heard an interview where Rowling said something about the ending of book seven like "Maybe i will kill them all in the end". I had imagined that book seven would be this endless battle against Voldemort, like the usual climactic showdown chapter in the end of the other six books. When the trio were held captive in the Malfoy manor and Hermione was being tortured upstairs i felt so sure that she was gonna die.

i feel like the epilogue was forced. it was what everyone expected. and i guess that makes for a happy ending, but there could have been more to it...<br />
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however, i absolutely loved the book. (or books, for that matter)

I kind of liked the epilogue, because due to the incredibly open and not entirely satisfying endings of most modern fantasy stories, that was a welcome change. I also liked the name changes.