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I had a lonely childhood

and seemed to cling to  dead poets, authors  and playwrights.  When I was 14 I bought the complete works of Shakespeare in a second hand bookshop in Bantry Bay whilst on holiday, and I devoured the book for years to come.  I studied him and what I did not study, I read and enjoyed better.

Hamlet will always be my favoured.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Wow. I have read all the plays, but I must admit, I couldn't make it through all the sonnets! But that was in my teens. I'll have to give them another try.<br />
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Funny how Tolkien keeps coming up in Shakespeare discussions. I truly suspect that 400 year from now, they will be regarded as equals. And I wonder about Joyce. Will he then be regarded as classic, or will his work by then be incomprehensible?

I have read some of Shakespeare's work but not even half! You are amazing. Talk about making the best of a situation.<br />
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I love Hamlet, kind of my favorite to, but I have never read all of his work. So I take your word for it.