Oh Sabrinagirl, Are You Too Good To Be True? I Hope Not

Sabrinagirl, when I read your interests, experiences and more I can even smell that heady aroma that is you when you gently play with yourself when you are writing these experiences or even reading them. I can imagine you starting to get that itch deep inside, the itch you cannot scratch but which needs that special something to help you reach it and make it feel sooo good and that makes you feel so hot and really heady.
I think you must be real and that you live in a different country. Oh how you have brought back memories, stirred up new and old emotions and made me feel as though I could knock down walls just to be with you and to smell that beautiful aroma that is only Sabrinagirls, before drifting off into some hazy sunset. In reality the scent would be there but it would be in a toilet as I do not think we could wait for the sunset. Then you would just drop me and move on.... but what a memory and what an experience. Sabrinagirl.... thank you xx
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

My goodness! Such erotic lyricism!<br />
<br />
Actually, I live in Manhattan... and have a wonderful Man in my life now who treats me the way He should.