Have Read It Many Times...

The bible is the most confusing thing I have ever read.

God says he is "a jealous god"....who visits the sins of the fathers down upon the 7th generation.

When he afflicted Pharoah untill he let the people go,he had  the people wandering the desert in circles for 40 years.

When they finally reached the promised land,God said all they had to do was go across the river and "KILL EVERY LIVING THING"....and the land would be theirs.

This confuses me....and scares me. 

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2008

I find the bible confusing to which is why I dont sepnd too much time on it

I think my problem concerning the bible as we know it today is that many "books" that should have been included {in my opinion} were trashed because they did not please the men who were putting the bible together. There were books concerning women for example that were not included. What is your opinion praeteritio concerning the "lost books"?

I do not believe God didn't said those things. This was part of the myth and lore of the Isrealites that became part of the Bible.