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Ahh yes the "holy" bible. It is the most contradictory piece of liturature ever to be published. And yet it is followed by so many. I find the fact that it is mentioned so many times that God will give you unconditional love if you follow his conditions to be very comical. OH! yes and my favorite part when the zombie comes to life but nobody is afraid of him they just know he is the son of Dog oops sorry God. 

I mean lets be realistic for one second back in those times or now in these times if someone came back to life you would not think they were "holy" you would be like "OH ****" and bash their head in.

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I have my misgivings about this particular piece of literature... I agree with the claims of contradiction and outright ridiculousness...<br />
In response to impulsive, I've heard it said that<br />
a) The ground was cursed, and therefore the fruits of it were tainted, therefore making it unacceptable by God, as well as<br />
b) Cain didn't offer up his BEST and or FIRST crops, meaning he saved the best for himself, and gave God the 'leftovers/second-best' of his wares...<br />
Either way, I think it's retarded. It's supposed to be about the PRINCIPLE of the offering, not the actual offering itself... like how people say, 'It's not the gift but the thought that matters'?<br />
God wants to be FIRST, in everything. Period.<br />
And that business about Job?<br />
THAT'S JUST EFFED UP ALL OVER THE PLACE- I don't care who or what you are- you don't ckuf with a person like that.<br />
Sorry.<br />

Good point. I think the fact that god has seperated himself so far from humanity, makes it impossible for people to relate with "him". So they have decided to elevate him to the status of an all knowing ,all seeing, master just so they can justify all of the strange things they have done in the name of god.

i never understood why god didn't appect Cains scarfice, or that he made a bet with the devil to see how faithful Jobe was.....i mean, if he is all knowing wouldn't he know that Jobe was faithful, without putting him through all of that? if he's so powerful....